Jonathan Barlow is proud to be an Endorsed Artist with Godin Guitars and Steve Clayton Guitar Picks. He performs exclusively with products by these great companies and highly recommends  them to both professionals and enthusiasts.

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Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance
Godin started building guitars over twenty years ago in a village in Quebec Canada called La Patrie. The man that started it all is Robert Godin. Robert still owns the company and he continues to design the vast majority of the guitars. Jonathan loves his Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance. It features state-of-the-art custom electronics by Fishman, that allows the player to select between 4 individual mic settings. Choose between these blendable sound imaging mics via the 4-way selector switch. Ideal guitar for players looking for a an incredible, amplified nylon string sound and feel in a live and loud band setting with virtually no feedback. This model features a chambered mahogany body with a solid spruce top, as well as a dual source preamp with feedback control and under saddle transducer.


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Custom Imprinted Guitar Picks by Clayton, Inc.Steve Clayton guitar picks are awesome! Jonathan loves the Ultem, Acetal and Sleek Bone picks made by this great American company.
Ultem is remarkable for creating crisp clean tones, on even the dullest of strings. This pick is made of the highest grade material to ensure your guitar produces the cleanest, brightest tone available. This pick closely resembles the true sound of actual tortoiseshell that is so widely desired. However, it will not fracture like tortoiseshell and is one of the strongest picks on the market. PURCHASE
Acetal. Strength is key to the ultimate performance. The composition of this pick gives you just enough stiffness to give you those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that you’re not busting strings left and right. Plus this pick has a matte surface that prevents it from moving or slipping in-between your fingers. PURCHASE
Sleek Bone picks produce a warm tone and are long-lasting! Clayton specially selects a very hard bone so that it can be made into a thinner gauge for more universal play. The tips are also sharpened for lead guitar playing. PURCHASE

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