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Film Music Reel

Here is a sampling of some of my film score work. The clients seen in this video are: San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, Majestic Athletic, Western Rivers Conservancy, Renan Ozturk & Taylor Rees, Denver Art Museum, Pure Yoga Ottawa, Ronin Films, and Flytuesday.

Dropbox Presents: Resettled

I am so honored that my music could be a part of this heartwarming short film called “Resettled!” Dropbox tells Abdullah’s story on behalf of the International Refugee Assistance Project. Thank you Marmoset for helping connect my music to amazing projects like this!

SFMOMA: The New Visual Identity

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art discovered my piece 'Wonder Wild' and felt it captured the spirit of their rebranding campaign and grand re-openning. I made the piece by banging on wine glasses, djembe, and spinning coins and plates on various surfaces. This film was a Finalist in the International Music+Sound Awards and was produced by Avocados & Coconuts.

22, historia de un desafío (Trailer)

My piece “Lantern” was used for this trailer of a documentary called “22, historia de un desafío.” A film company from Buenos Aires, Argentina called La Fabrica Films. It is about a swimmer’s attempt to cross the widest river in the world, the Río de la Plata. More than 500 swimmers have tried it in the past century. To date, only 21 have been successful.

Summit Haus

The Summit Haus is one of the most energy efficient homes in the U.S. This video is dedicated to Chris Price and Park City Design and Build for making it come to life ~~~ One of the biggest footprints we have on this earth are the structures we live and work in, and the evolution of energy efficient design is making it possible for our homes and businesses to use much less - from cradle to grave. When we bought our first home last year we knew we wanted to keep this ethos in mind, and finding the Summit Haus happened one summer afternoon on a bike ride. Here's that story. ~Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees

Bear Dance (commissioned by the Denver Art Museum)

My music was used in this quirky short film commissioned by the Denver Art Museum! The director Evan Mann premiered it during his MakeARTtalk at 'Untitled at the Denver Art Museum.' It was produced by Otherworldly Productions. My music starts at 02:08.

Wendel's Story

Wendell was homeless for 25 years but through hard work and help from SEARCH Homeless Services he is getting back on his feet. This touching short film was produced by Film Lab Creative and uses my piece 'This Time.'

Fully Furnished

This is a charming comedic/romantic short called "Fully Furnished" about a newlywed couple that moves into their first apartment. Realizing they have nothing, they go searching for ways to furnish it in one day. My piece "Willows" is used as part of the soundtrack starting at the 3:06 mark. Directed by Tanner Duncan. Cinematography by Alex Witkowicz. It was an Official Selection in the Speechless International Film Festival and the Intendence Film Festival.

Save Blue Creek

Western Rivers Conservancy's Save Blue Creek campaign was led by creative agency Instrument. They worked with acclaimed photographers and filmmakers, including Andy Maser from National Geographic. This video helped raise more than $1 million for a great cause and has been featured in Outside Magazine Online. The soundtrack includes my piece 'Hymn' which features me singing in 4 part harmony. Music courtesy of Marmoset.

Designing for the Female Fan

Majestic Athletic is the official uniform provider for Major League Baseball. 'Designing for the Female Fan' was produced by Grain & Glass and directed by Michael Nielsen and features my track 'I Remember This Place' which incorporates the sounds of me drumming on books, pages turning, hitting couch cushions, humming, whistling, singing wine glasses, and guitar. Music courtesy of Marmoset.

Pure Yoga Online

This ad was produced by No Hands for Pure Yoga in Ottawa, Canada. It features my piece 'Vignette for Glassware' which was made using various household glass items and djembe. One notable glass item was part of the table centerpiece at my wedding reception! I know...cute right? I played the glass and drum with my finger tips (bowing), knuckles, fingernails, and the handles of percussion mallets. Music courtesy of Marmoset.

Torn Cloth (feature film)

I composed the film score for a documentary called Torn Cloth (see on IMDb) about Thai orphan boys who seek refuge at a camp where they are trained to become professional Muay Thai fighters. The film was the Official Selection in the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Starz Denver Film Festival, and the Durango Independent Film Festival.

70 secs of ARMENIA - GEORGIA

Ivan Akimov, a Moscow based film maker used my piece ‘Era’ as the soundtrack to this lovely travel video.

Street Art: Palermo

A nice Italian travel documentary series called “Street Art(ish)” used my music in their episode about Palermo! I want to visit so bad!!! My piece “Lantern” starts at the 1:35 mark. Thanks to, Guglielmo Biason, and Street Art Palermo!

First Flight

Here’s some cool footage of a drone test flight by Flytuesday set to my piece ‘Reef.’


This portrait featuring David Dalton was filmed by Tue Tran and Allison Moulton at Flytuesday productions. The soundtrack is my piece 'I Remember This Place.'

Islands of Brilliance

This uplifting film was produced by Size43 Creative for Islands of Brilliance, a non-profit tech-centric creative learning experience developed specifically for children and young adults with Autism. The soundtrack is my piece "I Remember this Place."

Long March to Rome

My track 'Over Oceans' was licensed for this film by The Long March to Rome, a native peoples movement of Indigenous leaders who are petitioning Pope Francis to rescind the Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493.


Here are some ideas of how to use my music in your film. Each track is available for licensing: 'Hymn' 'Slow the Sun' 'Lets Go' 'Ukulele Nocturne' 'Fall Seven Times, Rise Eight' 'Frontiersman' 'Vandal' 'Old Machine' 'Wonder Wild'


Featured Work

I had the privilege of providing music for Dr Jane Goodall's MasterClass. The project was a direct collaboration with the creative team at Masterclass discovered my music on Marmoset's catalog and asked if I'd be willing to customize an existing piece of mine for their David Mamet class. This led to me scoring a custom piece to-picture. They ended up changing the creative direction and not using my piece for that project and instead, placing it with Jane Goodall. MasterClass premiered the class at a screening/Q&A event in New York City with Dr Goodall.

Premiere in NYC

The Class
Media Coverage

Credits: Executive Producer: David Rogier | VP of Production: Nekisa Cooper | Director / Creative Producer: Ankush Jindal | Director of Photography: Hilda Mercado | Color: Filmworkers, Nashville | Sound: Levels, Los Angeles


In these recordings you'll hear me play cello, violin, djembe, mbira, harmonica, marimba, ukulele, guitar, bass, tin whistle, and piano. I also build my own instruments and use broken instruments. I often blend my music with sounds from wine glasses, bottles, my daughter’s toys, pages turning, hitting cushions, whistling, lap drumming, clapping, snapping, stomping, pots, pans, spinning coins, and vocalizations from me, my daughter, and my wife. I also incorporate recording experiments and electronic elements. I interact with instruments in unusual ways and alter their sounds with various preparations and extended techniques. My music has been part of projects that have won a HOW Design Award and been nominated for an International Music+Sound Award.