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I had the privilege of providing music for Dr Jane Goodall's MasterClass. The project was a direct collaboration with the creative team at Masterclass discovered my music on Marmoset's catalog and asked if I'd be willing to customize an existing piece of mine for their David Mamet class. This led to me scoring a custom piece to-picture. They ended up changing the creative direction and not using my piece for that project and instead, placing it with Jane Goodall. MasterClass premiered the class at a screening/Q&A event in New York City with Dr Goodall.

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Credits: Executive Producer: David Rogier | VP of Production: Nekisa Cooper | Director / Creative Producer: Ankush Jindal | Director of Photography: Hilda Mercado | Color: Filmworkers, Nashville | Sound: Levels, Los Angeles


In these recordings you'll hear me play cello, violin, djembe, mbira, harmonica, marimba, ukulele, guitar, bass, tin whistle, and piano. I also build my own instruments and use broken instruments. I often blend my music with sounds from wine glasses, bottles, my daughter’s toys, pages turning, hitting cushions, whistling, lap drumming, clapping, snapping, stomping, pots, pans, spinning coins, and vocalizations from me, my daughter, and my wife. I also incorporate recording experiments and electronic elements. I interact with instruments in unusual ways and alter their sounds with various preparations and extended techniques. My music has been part of projects that have won a HOW Design Award and been nominated for an International Music+Sound Award.