I'm a classically trained geetar player 🙂 and I love making music! I compose music for films, write sheet music for publishers, teach music lessons, and perform live. I perform 100ish times per year for concerts, cocktail parties, and festivals. My sheet music is available in top libraries and has been performed in concerts in the USA, South America, and the UK. My recordings have been released on the Tender Loving Empire label, Azica Records, and have been featured by music blogs and radio stations all over the world. I have made award-winning music for art films, ads, social movements, environmental initiatives, and documentaries that were Official Selections in the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Durango Independent Film Festival, and Starz Denver Film Festival.

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Let’s Work Together!

I’ll write you music…

I’ll score music for your film or you can choose from my catalog. I’ve won and been nominated cool industry awards and I’ve worked on a variety of projects. Check ’em out HERE.

…play you music…

I play all kinds of music with various groups at many events throughout the year. I am delighted to play anything from concerts to cocktail parties. Check out a few of the groups I play with regularly HERE.

…& teach you music

I love hanging out and talking about music. Take lessons with me…it’s super fun! 1/2 hour, 45 min, or 1 hour lessons: $70 per hour for house calls | $60 per hour if we meet at my place.