January 5th, 2021
My track First Day was in a talk show in Germany called DAS!

January 14th, 2021
My track Torn Down was in a German show called Galileo 360° Ranking: Andere Länder, andere Sitten

January 16th, 2021
My track Dark Intuition was on a French crime documentary show called Chroniques Criminelles.

January 25th, 2021
Marmoset placed two of my tracks in this documentary trailer.

January 26th, 2021
I teamed up with the London BMG Production Music office to release my newest album Acoustic Craftwork

February 6th, 2021
My track Clear Way Forwards (BMG) was on a German show called Life - Menschen, Momente, Geschichten

February 7th, 2021
My track Thaw (BMG) was on a Netherlands documentary series called Zie je zondag. This is the second episode of this show with my music.

February 7th, 2021
With New Strength, a track off my brand new album Acoustic Craftwork (BMG) was on a gardening show in Belgium today!

February 8th, 2021
My track Clear Way Forwards (BMG) was on tv in Germany today

February 9th, 2021
My track Growing Season (BMG) was on a PBS show called Making it Up North

February 11th, 2021
My track Small Town Swagger (BMG) was on a Germany talk show called DAS! This is the second time and second track I've had on this show.

February 16th, 2021
A New Zealand documentary series called Waka Huia that's been on the air since the 1990's used a few of my tracks in two recent episodes.

February 16th, 2021
Six tracks from a single album of mine (Quirky Tales, [BMG]) were used throughout Married at First Sight NZ season 3!

February 18th, 2021
A little birthday placement on the ARTE France network. A documentary show called ARTE Regards used my new Warner Chappell track Telescope Heart. Watch HERE

February 20th, 2021
My track Against the Grain (Brilliant Music label) was used in a French travel documentary series in its 15th season called Échappées Belles watch HERE

February 21st, 2021
Repeat customers 🙂 The Belgian gardening show Jardins et loisirs used my track All Smiles (BMG/Merge) in their latest episode. This is the second time they've used my music.

February 21st, 2021
Fireflies off my brand-new BMG album Acoustic Craftwork was used in a Dutch documentary news program funded by the European Union called Metropolis (VPRO). Watch clip HERE

February 23rd, 2021
The German morning show ARD-Buffet used my track Small Town Swagger (BMG) in today's episode.

Hold May 2nd, 2021 (Ken) trio or quartet. Adam, Brett, Roger are available 

May 9th, 2021 (Melinda) 11:00-2:00
Tin Brother. Mothers Day Brunch. Mount Vernon Canyon Club

HOLD? May 22nd, 2021 (Ken)

Wants us if Ken's gig falls through. May 22nd, 2021 (direct w/Darcy Nolser)
Tin Brother. Darcy's wedding ceremony/cocktail hour in Winter Park.

June 3rd, 2021 (me direct with Shannon Mclaughlin: shannon@jtobey.com) 5:30-8:30
Tin Brother. Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Cable Center

June 5th, 2021 (Me direct. The Planner is Christine Ashburn. Have them send checks directly to me and Roger) 3:30
Tin Brother. Kennedy/Rand Ceremony Vail Chapel. Seating of the families: “Hallelujah”,  Cohen* 4 couples. Bridal Party Processional: “Tenerife Sea”,  Sheeran*10 couples, 1 Ring Bearer, 1 Flower Girl. Bridal Processional: “Canon in D Major”, Pachelbel. Newlywed Recessional: “The Heart”, NeedToBreathe

June 11th, 2021 (us, direct with KATELYNN.JENNINGS@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU) 6:00-8:00
Tin Brother. CU Medicine - Department of Otolaryngology  Ritz Denver

June 15th, 2021 (Ken) 3 hours
Tin Brother (who's playing bass?)

June 17th, 2021 (Ken) 6-9
Tin Brother. Rocky Mountain Connection party at Cheyenne Lodge

Hold? June 26th, 2021 (MM)
Duo (need another player. Roger not available). Wedding in Vail.

July 16th, 2021 (direct with planner Erica Bull: erica@ericasarellweddings.com. Beth invoiced for herself. I invoiced for: $400) 4:30-6:30
Beth and me. Black Mountain Lodge, (Dillon, CO?)

July 18th, 2020 (Oncue) 4:30 or 5:30
Willow ridge Manor. W/Anna (her friends wedding). Precessional: Riptide

August 7th, 2021 (Brett) 5:00
Guitar + Violin. Ceremony/cocktails. Larkspur Restaurant, Vail.

Hold. July 7th, 2021 (ken) 6:30-9:30
Tin Brother. SVP Club Reception.

July 14th, 2021
Everett's due date

HOLD? July, 24th, 2021 (Nancy) Downtown wedding cocktails and dinner 6-8
Solo or duo

HOLD. Aug, 8th, 2021 (Ken)

Hold. August 15th, 2021 (Ken)
Ken says it has to be acoustic bass. 2 wave group. maybe wants quartet. I'd need to find sub for other Brett gig on this day.

August 15th, 2021 (Brett) 3:30-5:30
Find sub if Ken's gig happens. Guitar + violin. Ceremony + Cocktails at Larkspur Restaurant, Vail, CO

September 4th, 2021 (direct with Shona Dave [mother]: shonadave@gmail.com) 5:30-7:00
Tin Brother duo. Wedding cocktails. Spruce Mountain Ranch

September 19th, 2021 (MM, Courtney)
Tin Brother. Spruce Mountain Ranch.

September 20th, 2021 (Emma) 7:30-10:30
Solo. Dinner (wedding/rehearsal/corporate?). Devil's Thumb Ranch

September 25th, 2020 (MM, Courtney)
Tin Brother trio (Adrienne). Saint Julian Hotel, Boulder

September 26th, 2021 (Brett) 3:00-4:00
Fandango (Adrienne). Ceremony + Cocktail? Deer Creek Valley Ranch, 64407 US Highway 285, Bailey, CO 80421

October 2nd, 2021 (Brett)
Duo with Emily Lewis violin. Wedding cocktail hour + first dance. The Antlers Hotel Colorado Springs.

Hold. October 28th, 2021 (Courtney, MM)  3 hours
solo. Colorado Springs