Rêverie Revamp

Rêverie Revamp

Authors: ,
Series: Guitar Duet
Genre: Jazz
Publisher: LACG Editions
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 1 score (7 p.) + 2 parts

This edition is not an arrangement of Debussy’s Rêverie so much as it is a “recomposition” in a jazz style.

About the Book

This edition is not an arrangement of Debussy’s Rêverie so much as it is a “recomposition” in a jazz style. Both guitars are given equal opportunities to play the melody and the accompaniment which have been completely reworked with an expanded harmonic palette and improvisatory ornamentation. Every aspect of the work is recast: rhythms, harmonies, textures, and the eighth notes are swung. At first glance it may be difficult to recognize this score as Rêverie but despite the author’s deferential modifications, the spirit of the original work is preserved. The parts are written to sit well on the guitars and fingering solutions are provided. This edition is an expression of love for Rêverie and is meant as a novel exploration of the original material.

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